Domains ’17

Domains 17: What are you into?

Domains ’17

Domains ’17 is a conference focused on exploring edtech and other curiosities. It’s also a collaborative partnership between Reclaim Hosting and the University of Oklahoma.

As always, any thinkery work starts with a conversation. During that conversation with Jim Groom, we explored the metaphor of the Record Fair. You never know what you might find there, what gems you might pick up. And who you might meet, some like-minded enthusiasts?

Here are the sketches that emerged from our conversation (mouse over to scroll through):

As with all projects where Jim is involved, I’m always keen to explore new territory. In this case that meant created thinkery with the purpose of animating it. Just one question bounced around my brain: how can I make it come alive? I started thinking about what would be involved in creating a poster that could be animated. Or even just wiggled a bit – to give it a bit of depth…


I was also keen to experiment with mashing up some video footage (taken with my phone) with some hand drawn artwork, to see what effect that would create.


I find it interesting how metaphor-heavy visuals could give you a feel for a conference track, as opposed to just seeing the words in print.

Here’s some more of the final artwork created to bring to life the various tracks of the conference (mouse over to scroll through):


I’m looking forward to see the conversations as they emerge from this conference…

Reclaim Hosting

An aesthetic logo

Reclaim Hosting

Back in the summer of 2015, I was sipping a coffee in Barcelona with Jim Groom, co-founder of Reclaim Hosting. I couldn’t help notice how he talked about his edtech startup. It struck me that he talked as if he was the owner of an independent indie record store. And so the “Reclaim Records” aesthetic was born… (here’s Jim’s take on it)

Firstly we looked through all the messages of Reclaim Hosting through the new lens of this fresh metaphor. Greatest hits, Classic Albums, Record sleeves, Stereo, the shop itself. Every time we came back to the metaphor, it gave us a different idea. Each individual message demanded a graphic. Following that, we thought about spinning it up – and making the records play. Each idea a journey that enveloped the previous graphics and incorporated them.

Inside the store...
Now in stereo - backup as default
A domain of one's own
Reclaim Records

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