What does your visual identity say about your organisation or event? A fresh brand is like a new coat. It takes a little while before it feels like you…

Most artwork that we’ve created has followed Visual Thinkery’s 10 ideas process, which means that we explore multiple directions collaboratively using conversation.

OER24 Logo and Strapline


Part of the aesthetic created for the OER24 conference in Cork City, Ireland.

Inclusive Education Research Lab

Inclusive Education Research Lab

A brand for the IERL based at Brock University, Canada.

CESI - merch logo


This is a refresh of CESI’s existing branding. 

OER22 - Event logo


The GO-GN network took over the aesthetic for the OER22 conference – and hence the penguins got everywhere…

ALT Openness Logo

Openness (ALT)

An off-the-cuff comment turns into something that belongs on a T-shirt.

Reclaim Cloud logo (Reclaim Hosting)

Reclaim Cloud

GO-GN logo


Read more about the creation of this logo for GO-GN and the golden age of travel aesthetic.

Co-op - spread the word


You either like this artwork or you hate it… 

Reclaim Press - Record Label


The logo, inspired by Altantic Records, forms a key part of the visual language for the ReclaimPress product offering from Reclaim Hosting.

ShapingEDU - handdrawn logo


This is simply a hand-drawn (human) version of ShapingEdU’s existing logo.

Hack Education Typewriter Logo

Typewriter (Hack Education)

Read more about the process of creating thinkery for Hack Education.

OER20 Sticker


Created to be a sticker for the OER20 Open Education Conference.

Amplify FE social logo


Created collaboratively with ALT for the AmplifyFE Community of Practice project.

Kevo logo

Kevo Glass

The request from Kevo Glass was to create a logo with a nod to Dr Seuss to the design. 

CC Certificates Logo

CC Certificates (Creative Commons)

Created as part of branding and animation project for Creative Commons.

Gettin' air logo (Terry Greene)

Gettin' Air podcast

The idea for this logo came in the midst of recording a live podcast with Terry Greene.

API Evangelist Logo

API Evangelist

This logo, created for the API Evangelist represents the parentheses and bits of data flowing through an API.

The Muddlers Club

The Muddlers Club

A logo created for a Zine about Ulster long ago

Open ETC logo


“Free Range EdTech” was the phrase that led to this Rooster running rampant over the aesthetic created for OpenETC.

CESI - alternative logo


This alternative logo was created for CESI – a volunteer driven organisation in Ireland. It was also created as a conference remix activity.

Reclaim Hosting VHS logo

Reclaim Video

From Records to VHS, Reclaim Hosting are always one step ahead of the game. No doubt they’ll be thinking arcade soon…

Facepalm brexit stamp



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