Visual Tools

Getting some people together? Visual tools can enable you to think from a different angle. We’ve created a bunch of remixable artwork using Visual Thinkery’s fabulous remixer machine, which can come in useful for ice-breakers, event registration, and badge pressing.

Here are a few examples of previous custom visual tools. Most of the initial ideas have emerged from Visual Thinkery’s 10 ideas process, which means that we explore multiple directions collaboratively using conversation.

OERxDomains21 Media Pass

Remixable Media Pass

This remixer was created for the OERxDomains conference using the Remixer Machine.

Elemental - Remixer


This is a great and simple way to remix something that already has a very defined aesthetic – an element in the periodic table. Have a go!

Badge Bloom

Badge Bloom

This remixable badge canvas helps you to think through the design of a micro credential. 

Reclaim your VHS

Reclaim your VHS

This Remixable VHS tape was designed and built for Reclaim Hosting.

O-meter icebreaker

O-meter icebreaker

O-meter is a remixable visual that allows you to create a dial on the Remixer Machine and then allow others to feedback how they’re feeling by remixing it.

AmplifyFE Badge Press

AmplifyFE BadgePress

This custom badge-press allows the remixing of a badge template to create infinite variations.

#AmplifyFE Community Map

Community Map

This remixable map tile allows facilitates the creation of a community map representing the diaspora spread out across the internet.

Let's Get Phygital

Let's get Phygital

Create your own ID card for the online conference (in this case – Let’s get Phygital) – pop in a photo, name, position and see who else is here!

LiveSciences3 Summer Campus Field Notes

Field Notes

This remixable postcard allows participants to share a photo and it’s grid reference on a map. Created for the LiveSciences3 project, University of Göttingen.

ALT Badge Press

ALT Badge Press

This custom badge-press allows the remixing of the ALT badge in a variety of variations.

Soup up my deck

Soup your deck

This remixable skateboard was created for Reclaim Hosting.

Puffin - Climate Chaos

Climate Chaos

What’s on the dragon boat (apart from fracked gas)? This picture of simple remixable activism was created for BreakFreeFromPlastic.

Open your work

OER 22 - Draw me a penguin

As part of OER22, we created a penguin drawing competition using the Remixer Machine as a way to collect live submissions. This winning entry was by Marjon Bass.

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