Where do good ideas come from? 

We’ve found that good ideas can come from anyone – but through conversation with those that know the territory, ideas will pop up waiting to be captured. 

This open dialogue is at the heart of Visual Thinkery’s 10 ideas process.

Open Degree Programme (Open University)

Open Degree Programme

The Open University has been offering Open Degrees for over 50 years.

Green Deal - EEB

Green Deal Loopholes

A cartoon about loopholes in the EU’s Green Deal. Created for EEB.

These Plastics deliver

These Plastics

At the INC-4 Global Plastic Treaty negotiations in Ottawa the plastic industry paid for mobile adverts of the benefits of plastics. They forgot to mention quite how profitable it is…

Post it reminder - Friends of the Earth

Don't lock us in

An advert for Brussel’s metro stations for Friends of the Earth Europe.

A drastic reduction - INC

A Drastic Reduction!

One of a set of illustrations created live at INC-3 for BreakFreeFromPlastic. 

EU Imported Fracked Gas (Break Free From Plastic)

Imported Fracked Gas

The ideas for this campaign came from collaborative conversations with activists.

BFFP - Big Tobacco vs Big Plastic

Big Tobacco vs Big Plastic

This was created in collaboration with activist lawyers.

BFFP - Black Friday

Black Friday

Over-packaging is something the consumer rarely gets a choice on. 

Its a marine litter problem

Marine Litter Problem

This project exposed some of the industry narratives around plastic pollution in our oceans.

Rethink Plastic - Industry response to SUP directive

Creative Energy

When creating something we want others to quickly engage in, humour disarms like no other. 

Fracking Activism (Break Free From Plastic)

Ineos Dragon Ships

Fracked in the States, cracked in the EU. You can remix what it says on the boat using the Remixer Machine.

Fabrication - EEB

Green Fabrication

A cartoon about Green Claims created for EEB.

Greetings from the future! (EEB)

Greetings from the Future

EEB sent a postcard to EU ministers reminding them of the need to make products energy efficient and repairable.

Path of Greatest Interest (Open University)

Open Degree Programme

The path of greatest interest (as opposed to the path of least resistance).

BFFP - Incineration

Plastic Incineration

Collaborative magic with BreakFreeFromPlastic.

BFFP - Old straw claw

Old Straw Claw

This Plastic dragon was inspired by the Greenpeace plastic monsters.

BFFP - Plastic Gloves

Disposable Plastic Gloves

Plastic gloves make you feel safer, but don’t necessarily protect you from pandemics. This thinkery was created in English and Spanish.

Rethink Plastic - Aims Infographic

Rethink Plastic Infographics

Created collaboratively with ALT for the AmplifyFE Community of Practice project.

Rethink Plastic - Producer - Consumer

Blaming the Consumer

As it turns out, it’s been a successful strategy for a number of different industries, so no surprise at the Plastic Industry using the same tactics with regards to Single Use Plastic.

BFFP - Carbon Calculator

Carbon Calculator

This thinkery came from working with EU lobbyists on how incineration of plastic can be counted as carbon-neutral.  

Plastic Production (Break Free From Plastic)

Plastic Production

This thinkery was created as part of a project with BreakFreeFromPlastic.

Howzitwork - Reclaim Edu

.edu - 24/7

So how does it work? A product explainer for Reclaim Hosting.

Industry Playbook (Changing Markets)

Industry Playbook

This cartoon is part of a set included in “Talking Trash” by Changing Markets.

BFFP - Gloves and Masks - Safety Instructions

Safety Instructions

This project involved a number of aligned organisations coming together to encourage use of reusable masks.

BFFP - Plastic Waste to Fuel

Plastic Waste to Fuel

From a collaborative conversation with BreakFreeFromPlastic members.

BFFP - When leaving the house

Don't forget...

We all want the time machine, right?

BFFP - When leaving the house

An Industry Guide

A collaborative project with Rethink Plastic Alliance.

Rethink Plastic - Same shit

Same Shit, Different Label

Sometimes, someone in a creative conversation says an off-the-cuff comment that makes others giggle. These are usually worth visualising.

DRS Manifesto

DRS Manifesto

You can read the whole DRS (Deposit Return Scheme) manifesto here.

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