A humorous and visual story – that’s what a great cartoon conveys – and they can be used almost anywhere. Visual Thinkery cartoons have been used to help European Commissioners think about plastic pollution, provide engaging internal comms on Digital Transformation, and to bring word-heavy learning materials to life.

All the examples below have been created using Visual Thinkery’s 10 ideas process, which explores multiple directions collaboratively using conversation.

Generative AI and Pesky Ethics

Pesky Ethics

An idea to emerge from a conversation with the OER24 conference team.

It's my baby - Reclaim Press

It's my baby

A cartoon exploring the possibilities of Reclaim Press – a product offering from Reclaim Hosting (big fan!).

But it works

But it works...

Featuring loveable robot Dev – a nod to all rookie developers. Created for Manchester University.

Hydrogen - The Silver Bullet - ECOS

Silver Hydrogen Bullet

Of course, there’s no such thing. Created for ECOS.

BFFP - Gloves and Masks - Safety Instructions

Safety Instructions

As part of a campaign to encourage the use of reusable masks, we took the aesthetic of Airline Safety Instructions, and some of its recognisable phrases – “place over nose and mouth and breath easily…” Created for BreakFreeFromPlastic

Agile Agile Agile

Agile, Agile, Agile

This cartoon might only make sense if you’ve worked anywhere near a software development team. Created for Manchester University.



This is from a series about Ulster called A Patchwork Province

Different types of hurdle

Different types of hurdle

Created for the LiveSciences3 Project at the University of Göttingen.

Basic Intelligence

Basic Intelligence

Cartoons often utilise cultural props that people recognise. Created for Royal Society of Chemistry.

BFFP - Incineration

It's Magic!

An absurd poster. Created for BreakFreeFromPlastic.

Social Capital

Social Captial

A cartoon created for University of Manchester about privilege.

Whose Business is it - ECOS

Just Business

A cartoon for ECOS on how the industry puts the blame for plastic waste onto the consumer.

Iceberg - hidden cost of packaging

Iceberg Toy

This cartoon for ECOS highlights the hidden cost of packaging on pretty much every product we buy.

Graffiti or wallpaper? Digital Storytelling


This cartoon is from a set on the theme of Digital Storytelling for Queen’s University Belfast.

Shadow puppets - digital storytelling

Be Specific

Another Digital Storytelling cartoon for QUB, talking about being more specific in your storytelling.

Copyright - Digital Storytelling

Lying around the Internet

A cartoon to help highlight the issues of copyright in Digital Storytelling for QUB.

Apollo 11 - EEB

It's not you...

This cartoon was created for EEB about the planned obsolescence of domestic technology.

Customer Focus

Customer Focus

From a discussion about Digital Transformation with the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Dodgy back end

Dodgy Back End

There is always humour to be found in conversations. This was created for the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Its only a matter of Junk

Only a matter of Junk

This cartoon is from a EU campaign to add energy labels to mobile phones. Created for ECOS.

When data is messy

Messy Data

A little story about messy data created with the Royal Society of Chemistry.

UX-A-TRON 3000

Design-a-tron 3000

If in doubt always head for silly… Created for the University of Manchester.


Fearless Failure

Created for the University of Manchester.

Shaping the new world

Shape the new world

It’s off-the-cuff comments like this that make a resonating cartoon… Created from a conversation with the DX team at the RSC.

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