Cover Art

The best cover art is recognisable and memorable long after the publication has been released. Here are a few examples (some are even remixable!).

Most artwork that we’ve created has followed Visual Thinkery’s 10 ideas process, which means that we explore multiple directions collaboratively using conversation.

Rethink Plastic - Le Penseur

Rethink Plastic Flyer

Featuring a plastic remix of Le Penseur.

DRS manifesto

DRS Manifesto

The Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) Manifesto was a project involving over 100 organisations across Europe.

Reclaim Hosting


This Cover artwork was created for Reclaim Hosting as part of the Reclaim Records aesthetic.

25 Years of EdTech - Cover

25 years of Ed Tech

You can read and listen to this open publication by Martin Weller.

GO-GN Research Methods Handbook

Research Methods Handbook

Made with Creative Commons

Made with Creative Commons

You can read this open resource by Paul Stacey and Sarah Hinchliff Pearson.

Cloud City - Reclaim Hosting

Explore Cloud City

This poster is part of a collaborative project with Reclaim Hosting, exploring the aesthetic for their Cloud service.

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