Cover Art

The best cover art is recognisable and memorable long after the publication has been released. Here are a few examples (some are even remixable!).

Most artwork that we’ve created has followed Visual Thinkery’s 10 ideas process, which means that we explore multiple directions collaboratively using conversation.

Rethink Plastic - Le Penseur

Rethink Plastic Flyer

Featuring a plastic remix of Le Penseur.

DRS manifesto

DRS Manifesto

The Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) Manifesto was a project involving over 100 organisations across Europe.

Reclaim Hosting


This Cover artwork was created for Reclaim Hosting as part of the Reclaim Records aesthetic.

Metaphors of Ed Tech

Metaphors of Ed Tech

BFFP - Winter is coming

Winter is Coming...

This report about plastic production, fossil fuels and geopolitics is worth a read.

Conceptual Frameworks Guide

Conceptual Frameworks Guide

This guide to Conceptual Frameworks in Doctoral Research from GO-GN is very wacky indeed…

25 Years of EdTech - Cover

25 years of Ed Tech

You can read and listen to this open publication by Martin Weller.

GO-GN Research Review

Research Review

The penguins made me do it. The GO-GN mascot coupled with the aesthetic of “The Golden Age of Travel”. Available here.

GO-GN Research Methods Handbook

Research Methods Handbook

GO-GN EDI Guidelines

EDI Guidelines

GO-GN Annual Review 2022

GOGN Annual Review 2022

Looks like the band are back together again after the long Covid separation. Access it here.

Made with Creative Commons

Made with Creative Commons

You can read this open resource by Paul Stacey and Sarah Hinchliff Pearson.

Cloud City - Reclaim Hosting

Explore Cloud City

This poster is part of a collaborative project with Reclaim Hosting, exploring the aesthetic for their Cloud service.

Research review cover Winter 2021

GO-GN Research Review

The winter special. Created for GO-GN. Access it here.

GO-GN Fellowship Reflections

Fellowship Reflections

Created for GO-GN.

GO-GN Research Review 2022

Research Review 2022

Now this sort of research looks like fun. What could possibly go wrong?

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