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Visual Thinkery helps our clients articulate their thoughts, ideas, and messages, to create visual thinkery (yes, we did make that word up…) which evolves into brands & sub-brands, comms, aesthetic, and has it’s roots in the conversations we have with you – it’s a very collaborative process.

If we can help you, let’s start a conversation!

Thinkery Blog

Most of the artwork we create is as a result of conversations. As such, it’s often available freely usable under a Creative Commons licence.

Browse the current thinkery at Bryan’s thinkery blog site: bryanmmathers.com.

Conversations breed ideas…

…but it takes a lot of listening. Creating a visual representation of an idea, allows the idea to be viewed from a fresh perspective. It gives the viewers a common language, without assuming a common viewpoint, in order to take the idea further.

We Are Open Cooperative

Founding Member

Visual Thinkery is a founding member of the We Are Open Cooperative.

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