Conversations to cartoons

Explain or Campaign?

Looking for a fresh angle to explain something complex? Need to bring something wordy to life? To get a message across, a more visual approach is maybe what you need. Visual Thinkery’s collaborative 10 ideas process creates ideas from an open facilitated conversation.

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The Activists
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The Community
The Practitioners

Or maybe you need to capture the insight of a conversation in real time as it unfolds? We work with all sorts of organisations and communities, creating visual languages and helping people be more visual in their own practice.


Browse some of the creations from the Visual Thinkery process:

Cartoon - Fire hose


Humour + Visual + Story = Custom cartoons for whatever you're trying to say.

25 Years of EdTech - Cover


Create a brand that belongs on the laptop stickers and T-shirts of your followers.

OER22 - Event logo


Ensure that your event grabs the attention of a global audience.

Open Degree Programme (Open University)


Create artwork that resonates with people so that they share with their network.

25 Years of EdTech - Cover


Translate tricky concepts using a unique visual language.

Remixer - Field Notes

Visual Tools

Build Remixers, ice-breakers and badge-presses - all with custom visual interactivity.

25 years of Ed Tech - Martin Weller

Cover Art

Create book and report covers that grab attention, and becomes iconic.

Empire Pen


Make the artwork come to life by giving it movement.

Getting your ideas to hang around - a person looking at various images hung up on a wall.


Get people together and think through stuff using visual tricks.

The Remixer Machine - collaborative artwork

Project Blog

One project leads to another – but here are a few that we’ve actually got around to writing up!

DCU logo
MTU logo
Moodle logo
Manchester University logo
Library of Things logo
Uni Gottingen logo
Platform Places logo
UFI logo
OEGlobal logo
KPU logo
Kenyon College logo
ALT logo
RSC logo
Zero Waste Europe logo
Waterford Institute of Technology
Wikimedia logo
Hack Education logo
GO-GN logo
Changing Markets logo
Reclaim Hosting logo
Global2000 logo
EEB logo
API evangelist
Ada College logo
Ada College logo
OU logo
ECOS logo
City of Glasgow College logo
CDN logo
Friends of the Earth Logo
OpenETC logo
Rethink Plastic logo
City & Guilds logo
Break free from Plastic logo
Cast logo
The Remixer Machine - collaborative artwork
WAO logo


Visual Thinkery is a partner of the We Are Open Cooperative.

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