What makes a great visual?

10 ideas is a design process to unearth insight through conversation to find the strongest visual idea. Welcome to the world of Visual Thinkery.

The Thinkery process

Here’s what we do

Most artwork that we’ve created has followed Visual Thinkery’s collaborative 10 ideas process, which means that at the root of all the ideas is an open conversation. Click on a Category below for more examples.

25 Years of EdTech - Cover


Create an aesthetic that fits snugly with your message. 

25 Years of EdTech - Cover


Create a brand that belongs on the Laptop stickers and T-shirts of your followers.

Open Degree Programme (Open University)


Create artwork that people can warm to and share with their network.

25 Years of EdTech - Cover


Translate tricky concepts using a unique visual language.

25 years of Ed Tech - Martin Weller

Cover Art

Create a book cover that grabs attention, and becomes iconic.

A quick guide to graphic recording

Live Capture

Capture the open conversation at your event and create a visual landscape.

The Blog

What catches the light?

What catches the light?

All I can do is turn a phrase until it catches the light.Clive James There is nothing I love more than to pitch up at an event, and see someone open their laptop, and there on it's hood is a tattoo that I have created. My own laptop is adorned with countless stickers...

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It's Magic! – a quick guide to graphic recording
It's Magic! – a quick guide to graphic recording

(literally a quick guide to graphic recording) At a meeting the other day I was asked how did I do that?I had graphically recorded (or sketchnoted) a gathering of trustees for ALT, the Association for Learning Technology. In my response, I found myself...

The head and the hand
The head and the hand

I’m suspicious of creative briefs. I don’t mean Y-fronts, but design briefs. It tends to separate the brain (all-powerful creator of ideas) from the hand (the articulate painter of pictures) - as if this was a two step, linear process. The concept is conceived. It...

Soup up your deck – Domains19
Soup up your deck – Domains19

Soup up my deck - Remixer Machine A year or so ago, I was in a museum in Gothenburg, Sweden. There happened to be an live exhibition of the group projects by Computer Science masters students from the local university. One group of students had rustled together a...

Creativity in Schools

Open Creations

Most of the artwork we create is as a result of conversations. As such, it’s often available freely usable under a Creative Commons licence.

The Fabulous Remixer Machine

The Fabulous Remixer Machine

Remixing artwork is a thing to behold. Especially as a creative exercise for distributed people. The Remixer Machine, created by Visual Thinkery, shows that we each see the world from a unique position. Give it a try!

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Visual Thinkery is a founding member of the We Are Open Cooperative.

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