Once ideas have been brought to life – it sometimes becomes necessary to make them move!

There are different methods of animation on show here: Line drawing, puppet, stop motion – all with their upsides and downsides…

It runs through all we do

This animation was created for the ALT annual conference, by animating a previously created artwork. It’s a mixture of stop-motion animation (the paint-strokes at the start) and manipulation of artwork layers.

Sunflower on the dock of a bay

This animation uses puppet animation. Once a character puppet is built (in this case, the sunflower) creating scenes that feature the character are much easier to construct.

Pedagogy in a time of CRISIS

This animated bumper represented another of the conference tracks at OER22. 

CESI – at 50

This little bumper brings the CESI owl to life will a little simple animation.

Dead Bull gives you Wiiiings

This line-drawing animation in the classic Red Bull style was created for the #ThisIsYourTrash campaign led by Global2000.

Learning Technologists at the core

This bumper was created for the ALT annual conference, by animating previously existing artwork.

Jazzy Penguin – OER22

More puppet animation – this time full body dancing moves are on show.

Open Research – OER22

This little animated bumper represented one of the conference tracks of OER22. 

OERxDomains21 Bumpers

The OERxDomains21 conference was a fully online conference for the OER community, and it’s creative community focus was a perfect match for the Cable TV aesthetic we were able to give it. Here a few bumpers we created from the original artwork to weave together individual sessions on the programme. 

Om Nom Nom

Neon Community intro

Neon VHS intro

OERxDomains21 animated logo

TEDx Storytelling

In November 2021, Bryan gave a very visual talk at TEDxGalway: People tell stories; Stories paint pictures. Each part of the talk was complimented by an animated drawing which slowly evolved as he spoke. This essentially uses a frame-by-frame stop-motion technique. 

Empire Pen

Story from a train

Elements of a Story

A Patchwork Landscape

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