Most artwork that we’ve created has followed Visual Thinkery’s 10 ideas process, which means that we explore multiple directions collaboratively using conversation.

Illustrated by Penguins (GO-GN)

The -ism spectrum

Once a visual language is defined, there is so much you can do with it. Here’s a rainbow spectrum of Realism to Relativism, from the GO-GN Research Methods handbook

Digital Unite - Empower for a long life

Empower with...

This battery powered illustration was part of a project for Digital Unite.

Open ETC - Ready to Run

Ready to run

Back to chickens. This time, we’re talking about open software stacks for Universities in Canada – via OpenETC.

BFFP - Plastic Pellets on Beaches

Under the Carpet

This illustration comes from a campaign for BreakFreeFromPlastic on Plastic Pellets (aka nurdles, mermaid’s tears) that wash up on our beaches by the million.

AmplifyFE - Community Map

Community Map

Here’s a map to show all the different elements of the online Further Education community in the UK. (AmplifyFE). Also created as a remixer app, so communities can add themselves visually to the map.

DCU - Conscripted Words

Conscripted Words

ALT - Strategy 2017

CMALT Principles

Manchester University - 10 rules

Coding your Future

10 simple rules for Coding Your Future – a project with Duncan Hull, University of Manchester.

Manchester University - 10 rules

Now fill this in...

Even surveys need visual help. This is from a User Testing sprint for Moodle.

Open ETC - Warhol Rooster

Warhol Rooster

Who says that a chicken can’t be iconic? Check out more chicken-shenanigans at the Open Ed Tech Co-op (OpenETC).

Timmus - Complicated Environments

For prickly situations

We explored some of what makes Timmus a great organisation to work with.

Creative Commons vs Copyright

Protection + Permission

Here’s something I never really appreciated about Creative Commons, which seems very obvious now. CC licensing is built on top of Copyright law. It’s not either-or. This illustration is from CC Certification programme (Myanmar remix).

Creative Commons - Opens many doors

CC opens beautiful doors

This illustration is from CC Certification programme (Myanmar remix).

Amazine Prompts

Ama-zine prompts

Created as part of a Zine-making session at OER19 in Galway.

ALT - Strategy 2020

ALT Strategy

This thinkery was created to represent the ALT strategy. You can see the ALT 3-year strategy in action here.

Hack Education Typewriter Logo

Typewriter (Hack Education)

Read more about the process of creating thinkery for Hack Education.

OER - Open to all

Remixable OER

This graphic was originally created for the OER17 conference, but also became one of the early apps on the Fabulous Remixer Machine.

CESI - Our Evolving Learning Landscape

Learning Landscape

This thinkery, exploring the evolving landscape of Computer Science teaching and learning in Ireland was created for CESI2020.

Zooming Pigeons (Hack Education)

Zoom Pigeon

Here are Hack Education’s pigeons saying quite a lot about a zoom education. Why pigeons? Read more here.

Visual Thinkery - Achilles Heel to Superpower

Achilles Heel to Superpower

This is how I understand the journey of how Visual Thinkery came to be. 

OU - Perfect for Brave Learning

Open Programme

A single conversation with the OU’s Open Programme team resulted in a set of illustrations.

CESI - CESIcon 2020

When I need help

This illustration uses the aesthetic of Scratch, which is appropriate for the audience it’s trying to reach. This thinkery was created for CESI2020.

ALT - Collaboration


This thinkery was created to represent one of the values of ALT. You can see the ALT 3-year strategy in action here.

DCU - Novus Imperium

New Empire

Digital Unite - Digital Skills

Empower to change

This battery powered illustration was part of a project for Digital Unite.

ALT - One Small Step

Our year's progress

This lunar thinkery was created to give a visual summary of ALT’s progress.

Adam Proctor - Collect, Organise, Persue

Collect - Organise - Pursue

These animalistic representations were created for Adam Proctor and his open tool, NodeNoggin.

GO-GN penguin

Gone Swimmin'

A little humour goes a long way. Here’s a friendly face from the GO-GN Research Methods handbook.

Open Asynchronous Pedagogy (CESI)

Open Asynchronous Pedagogy

This thinkery was created for CESI2020, and came directly from our collaborative conversation with the conference committee.

Open with Care (GO-GN)

Open with Care

Once an appropriate aesthetic is discovered, everything can be translated. The Golden Age of Travel requires a suitcase.

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