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I’d been following Audrey Watters’ Hack Education for a while, mainly because the things that Audrey was pointing out in and around Edtech weren’t very popular with some – but her ability to explore the (or silicon valley’s) narrative of the future with the litter of the past I found to be extremely insightful.

Audrey asked me help explore a new aesthetic for Hack Education, and as always it started with a conversation to capture what it is in her own words.

Here are some thinkery sketches from our conversation:


At the end of our conversation, I can still remember asking Audrey What is your message? In a sentence, what do you want to say to your readers? Straight off the bat, Audrey replied Be less pigeon…

You can read more about Audrey’s take on the thinkery process in this blog post, Losing our Pigeons.

Here’s some of the final artwork (click to view gallery):

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