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Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS)

The Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) contacted me after seeing a piece of thinkery about the importance of creativity in schools get shared heavily on social media.

I met with their CEO, Terry Kaufman, over Skype for a couple of hours. Coming from a Maths and Software Engineering background, was immediately taken with their approach to helping kids develop logic thinking skills. However, articulating this to others – and particularly parents – is tricky. I couldn’t help but notice that he used the term “a toolbox” with regard to the logic tools they equipped their young people with. So we asked ourselves, what sort of toolbox is this? What would be in there? I even got my kids involved to help me see it from a different angle.

What a thoroughly enjoyable process! And here’s what we finally came up with:

What's in the Logic Toolbox?
Logic Toolbox - tools to help you think

You can read more about IMACS and what they do here: www.imacs.org.

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