I’ve been meaning to write a proper blog for some time now. I mean – not just an artwork blog – but a blog with words and videos and funny gifs and stuff. I’m even going to bite the bullet and open it up to comments.

This new found realisation comes from a recognition of how much I’ve benefited from others being open with their questions and answers, in particular around web development. Over the last couple of years, I’ve learned so much – though the combination of:

  • having enough knowledge to start somewhere
  • the curiosity to persist in finding a path forward
  • other people’s open questions and answers

And it’s enabled me to get my web development skills up to some sort of scratch in order to build the fabulous remixer machine. And it seems that how you go about building a web app has very much changed since I started with Cold Fusion 20 years ago.

Unlike some of my We Are Open colleagues, I’ve never had a burning desire to write. But I do have a desire to share…

Bloggers' Ink
Bloggers’ Ink by Bryan Mathers CC-BY-SA
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