Soup up your deck – Domains19

Soup up my deck – Remixer Machine

A year or so ago, I was in a museum in Gothenburg, Sweden. There happened to be an live exhibition of the group projects by Computer Science masters students from the local university. One group of students had rustled together a mobile photo-booth using a Raspberry Pi with camera extension, connected to a simple push button and a tiny wall-mounted sticker printer. There were a number of colourful props available to spice up any self portrait. I still have the crazy sticker that I took somewhere, and it often made me wonder how the Remixer Machine could be wired up in such a manner as to cross that physical-digital divide, outputting stickers, hot off the remix press.

Well, look no further.

Martin Hawksey, of ALT and Google Wizardry fame, will be at Domains19 this week facilitating a fantastical feast of remix, featuring his McFlyify facial recognition GIF generator amongst other things. As well as that, he’s hooked up a mobile booth to print out remixes in mini-sticker form:

Some prototyping from Martin Hawksey

Of course, you can jump in and remix your own hoverboard/skatedeck on the new addition to the Remixer Machine, specially added to celebrate Domains19 and all who park their URLs with her.

Domains19 Remix Wall

You can check out what others have remixed already on the Remix Wall, and of course jump in and continue to remix where someone else has left off. And of course, all remixes are available to use under a CC-BY-SA licence.

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