Thinkery Services

Would you like to get some key people together to collaboratively explore an idea, campaign, message or mission? Or maybe, you’ve got something totally different in mind?

Either way, we’re all ears….

As a starter for ten, here’s some of the services we offer:

A conversation is often the best place to look for clues that might give a richer picture of an idea, message or campaign. Whether face-to-face or online, getting a small number of people together can produce rich thinkery. If it’s online, we can record the conversation and go back through it to glean gems subtly hidden away…

Some of my favourite work comes from off-the-cuff keynote comments. Using the channel of social media, the audience will soon let you know if they resonate with what you’ve shared. A steady stream of artwork capturing thoughts and conversations at an event can add a more permanent record. In our experience, there’s a much larger audience outside the event, who are just waiting for a way to engage and understand.

If you’re serious about stepping into a particular topic, be it micro-credentials, digital literacy, openness, or even visual thinking, consider setting aside a day for a facilitated workshop; it can be extremely rewarding. We visually capture the ideas as they emerge, allowing us to look at them objectively and build on top of them. We deliver Thinkathons as part of WeAreOpen.Coop.

Conversational thinkery is a great way of uncovering relevant ideas. It’s a way to explain the hard stuff, or to help bring something to life. Either way, it will help your audience see and engage with whatever you’re trying to say or create.

Metaphors used in conversation often betray an aesthetic on which to hang the messaging. Users, members and consumers can absorb a visual aesthetic in a glimpse, long before they get the chance to read any sentences.

Being able to put stuff down in pictures allows you to see it more clearly. This can really help in terms of defining a strategy to achieve a mission.

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