Creating an aesthetic can allow meaning to be in full flow before any words have been read. Here are a few examples.

Most artwork that we’ve created has followed Visual Thinkery’s 10 ideas process, which means that we explore multiple directions collaboratively using conversation.

GO-GN Research Review 2020

Research Review (GO-GN)

The penguins made me do it. The GO-GN mascot coupled with the aesthetic of “The Golden Age of Travel”. 

Zooming Pigeons (Hack Education)

Zoom Pigeon (Hack Education)

Here are Hack Education’s pigeons saying quite a lot about a zoom education. Why pigeons? Read more here.

Reclaim Hosting

Reclaim Records (Reclaim)

Hosting is a lot more interesting if you see it through the eyes of running an indie record store.

Cloud City - Reclaim Hosting

Cloud City (Reclaim)

As Reclaim Hosting were stepping into granular cloud services, we settled on the idea of a Cloud City.

OER20 Soup can

Soup Can (OER20)

An iconic visual – representing the theme of the conference “Care in Open”.

Open with Care (GO-GN)

Open with Care (GO-GN)

Once an appropriate aesthetic is discovered, everything can be translated. The Golden Age of Travel requires a suitcase.

BFFP - Gloves and Masks - Safety Instructions

Safety Instructions (BFFP)

As part of a campaign to encourage the use of reusable masks, we took the aesthetic of Airline Safety Instructions, and some of its recognisable phrases – “place over nose and mouth and breath easily…

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